is paleo / eating healthy expensive

after reading some stuff online about paleo eating and the journey I’m on I thought I would share my 2 cents. Any health nut will tell you eating healthy can be expensive, eggs and milk and protein powder. my experience is chasing a healthy lifestyle and you serious about it you will do anything it takes to be healthy.

if you look at your body as a car lets says a Ferrari and do u think the owners of these cars put cheap petrol in these. hell no, they put the fuel they need to run their car to its optimum performance and we do the same I think. people can spend 150 dollars on food and get home and they have nothing to show and others can spend 70 and have heaps of good quality food and lots of colour and meat too. That’s what you want to do. be wise when you shop and maybe look at the bulk option such as meat and nuts.

people I know have said go to the farmers market and talk to the farmers and see what they have and its fresh and good quality. if you can get grass-fed meat and also good stuff. the next debate is quality of food. you could go to coles and woolies and get your stuff or go to the markets to see and smell your food. ever since I went on this diet my senses have kicked in and I can now appreciate good food. here are some tips to eating healthy :

1. Buy less cuts of meats or look at fish

2. move away from supermarkets – venture into markets and butchers like the Griffith butchers and mountain creek wholefoods or the health food shops to get supplies like coconut oil and nuts

3. research – do your home work and look around for price and recipe too

4. buy in bulk  – coconut oil and meat and nuts etc – look at Costco eat and other bulk places

5. buy end of the week – I find at the end of the weekend the meat has been reduced and its good to get your meat

6. buy direct – if you can get it from the farm or direct its better – cut out on the middle guy and the supermarkets hiking up prices.

7. eat seasonally – look at what fruit and veg are in season and buy that.

8. plan your week – do a menu for the week and stick to that and cook your food on a sunday and leave in freezer.

9. stop buying lunch – I find this hard and I try to eat at home and if I’m out but I try to eat at home.

10. be flexible – if you plan chicken and you have beef – score.


i hope these help for you and takes your budget down and have fun with it and also. eating good will cost you but in the long run you will benefit when your running circles around your friends who are fat and no energy.


YIELDS: 4 cups


1.5 cups soaked raw almonds (see note about soaking after recipe) 4 cups cold water 1/8 teaspoon salt


Combine almonds, water, and salt in blender.  Process for at least one minute.

Place a cheesecloth, fine sieve, or nutmilk bag over a large container.  Pour “milk” into cheesecloth, sieve, or nutmilk bag.  For smoothest results, repeat this step one more time.

That’s it!



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